Monday, October 6, 2008

I am just going as far as the horizon...

The time has come, earlier than expected. Work cut my last week down to only 2 shifts so I politely told them to shove it. Coming home after two and half years away was one of the most nervous times in my life. Had everyone changed? Would I fit in? Did I turn odd while I was away? Luckily I got the right answers. People had changed, in a nice way. I did fit back in with my friends and family. I turned only slightly odd, sandals! My summer back in Ireland has been one filled with some magic moments. The time spent with friends new and old has been special. I want to thank everyone I have been hanging around with in the last while, sorry for leaving a bit early but I feel its time to go now. I am walking around pumped up to 90, ready to lift a mountain and its making me tired.

Hopefully I will be able to make another video like this when I get off my bike

Aussie and New Zealand

When its raining out I want you to think of me sitting on my bike soaking wet and miserable and laugh out loud at me but remember when its sunny I will have my top off getting a tan and I will be the one doing the laughing while you are in work.

Travel is 10% scenery and 90% the friends you make, I am glad I came home and had the opportunity to get to know all the new gang!

This is the single biggest adventure I have attempted in my life and if I think about it much longer my head will actually explode.

I leave in 10 hours.

Lots of love

Sea x x x

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daraoh said...

There and back again! Frodo Baggins