Friday, September 26, 2008

What can one man do?

Its been a crazy week for me, again. I witnessed a head on collision between two cars only a couple of feet in front of me. The passengers were ok but it got me thinking how happy I am about how I am living and what I have planned incase it all ends as quickly as that crash happened. Emotionally I am getting tired of being so excited about my trip. I was extremely tempted to just jump on my bike and go but I remembered I needed to get it serviced so I dropped the little beauty in for a pampering. I had 3 days off work in a row this week and wanted to take it easy on my legs for once so decided not to do too much cycling. Luckily Orla had a couple of days off before uni started so we went for a walk up around Bray head. Topics were varied from, nature (me) to cooking (Orla)! I paid attention to her directions, stolen from dutch gold, on how to make sauces as I recon some of my dishes over the next while will definetly benefit from a bit of spicing up! We stopped and had lunch in a pretty scenic spot facing south looking out to sea and down the coast to Wicklow town. It was right then and there that I was tempted to do the ole yawn trick but I felt as Dara has suffered enough this year with Bray Emmets without me stealing Orla away on my bike.

I took a ramble along the Dargle and found what I think is the most scenic spot in Ireland. Obviously claims like this are huge but I am not afraid to make outlandish claims like that! Ha anyway it was just perfect. It was late afternoon, the light just crept through the branches and created a mystical atmosphere on the bend of the river surrounded by steep cliffs. I suppose it was the combination of the light, the bend and my imagination. It could of been anywhere in the world. I should really get a decent camera and brush up on my photographic eye cause the picture doesnt do it justice.
America is falling apart from every angle, China successfully sends men into space for a space walk. Great publicity stunt and only a month after the Olympics. I would say the PR men in China are sipping a fine cognac and laughing to themselves how quickly they are catching up (if they have not already gone into the lead). Brush up on your Chinese my friends.

To find out the answer to to my posts title just watch the video below.

Time and time again someone will push the boundaries back so that was impossible last week is just ordinary this week. Obviously flying over the channel is not ordinary but in 20 years its possible we will all be flying like that haaa. It was inspiring to watch Yves Rossy fly through the air, not just glide. One man had the world watching, not two teams of overpaid footballers. One man, alone and flying. Clearly he had a huge team of supprt in building and preparing for it but when it all boils down to it and he steps out of the plane and flying solo there is not much the "team" can do and he relies only on his skills. For me it easily ranks as one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

It is the dreamers that inspire and motivate me. The people who say "why not". Not the people who say "sure what can one man do".

Nothing is impossible

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