Monday, October 13, 2008

I am only going around the next corner!

Hey hey there guys,

Everything is going good so far. Angelsey was a rough start for me as it absolutely poured down for the first couple of days. The whole area is flat farm land with no shelter and no real towns. So to stop and make a sambo was a fair old struggle in the rain. Was crashing out in old barns and ruined houses to make some food and get out of the rain for a bit. At one stage I pulled in under a garage at the side of a house and seconds later this frail old granny pops out for a chat and then whips inside to make me a cup of tea, haa two minutes later she comes back out with a delicate little tea cup and saucer with a freshly baked scone with home made jam on it. Delish man, my hands were a bit shakey from the cold and I was shitting it that I would drop the fecking cup, then I imagined she would of dropped dead with a heart attack and I would be left to explin this to the police! Haa she lived and I enjoyed the cup of tea no end.

Once I made it onto mainland Wales it changed, the sun came out and there was alot more character to the land. I rambled along stopping to chat with locals to find my way and get more water. This part will be a struggle in France and beyond. Loving the small town people here. I am in a library here and they wont let you upload pics but hey its free haaa. Bumped into some German tourists, bloody tourists eh, they told me about a national cycle lane running the length of the country. They also bought me a coffee, loving your work Pita and Angelica. I had already been on bits of it but thought it was just a local thing. So I have been going on and off that trail, some of it is pure hiking stuff which led to me pushing my heavy bike for many Kms but even then I was loving it as you dont bump into anyone for hours.

On one section of the bike trail I was cycling alone down this tight country lane parallel to a river for hours with thousands of pretty pheasants running and flying away everytime I got near them. The most skittish animal I have ever seen, so no pictures of them, dam it. They do the funniest jump when the see you and then not so much fly away as gracefully glide away in shear panic, it had me in stiches every single time.

Stayed a night in Coed Y Brenin National Park which is just fricken spectacular. They are in the middle of preserving all the old trees and cutting down all the ever greens which are not native to the forrest. Aw just the most beautiful night there over looking a huge autumn coloured valley with a huge eagle stalking an ickle (my cute word for small) bird high up and making a dive for him and missing only to begin a 60 second dogfight which led to the ickle birdie flying away safe and sound.

Most nights I have to drop in and ask a farmer can I stay in one of his fields as its all farm land. I have cycled right down the centreof Wales. Which last night led to a one hour talk with old man Mr Bowman about his travels around the world with the local farmers association in Builth. Hilarious stuff, he has no teeth and a mean old face until he starts talking and he just does nothing but laugh and every few minutes will say aww but us poor farmers have it soo bad even though he collects vintage tractors, 40 so far! He was just loving me for my little trip.

Let it be known that the hill outside Staylilttle village in the heartland of Wales was were I met my toughest match so far in a hill.

So here I am on the outskirts of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Just doing a bit of food shopping to last me through the park till I get to Cardiff. The countryside here is stunning, the roads are surrounded by big overhanging old trees ful of grey squirrels and birds of prey. To cycle so freely along with no rush and no worries is the greatest experience I have had while travelling. I am really starting to settle into it now and am enjoying every moment and the feelings are getting stronger along with my legs on the Welsh hills.

See ye soon!

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daraoh said...

good man seamus,have you thought of catching a pheasant for dinner!?nothing wrong with that i'd say...all part of mother nature.
We went paintballing on saturday - some craic! 7 hours we were there for - shooting the duck was obviously the best part of the day - in the very first game, second round, he jumps straight out in front of me oblivious to the fact that i was tucked behind a barrel not 5 yards away....I thought all my christmas's had come at once.....i opened fire on his fat ass and hit him about 4 times!delighted.....It was about 25 vs 25, so that was the only time i really got to shoot him well, although i rallied the troops to go afetr him as much as i could.....he didn't have a top on his helmet, so his bald head stuck out a mile for easy spotting!