Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I got my Gay on in Paris


Well I hear there are some serious congratulations to be made. Tony winning a fancy dress competition, my sister doing well on the Gaelic football TV show, Obama winning the election and of course Dara getting on the panel for Leinster. Clearly Tonys achievements have out shone the others, I have no doubt that you spent ages on the costume, well done.

Veronic, John and Emily who fed me sooo much and let me sleep in their camper van

Well after the freezing cold first few days, France has warmed back up. I trundled along towards Versaille, picking up fresh bread everyday, I am like a little old granny who does daily shopping purely because she has nothing else to do. Its the best way to chat to locals and shop keepers, dont tell the French but sometimes I pretend I dont know where I am just so I can have a chat, especially with hotties.

Can you possibly eat too much bread? Only time will tell

On that note, what is the story with the smashing looking French women, over the top divine beauties. Even when I am at my best I would struggle to score one of these angels never mind the scruffy state I am in now haaa. Maybe I spend to much time on my bike and get over the top horny and see beauty everywhere or maybe French women are just smokin hot?

It was not actually that cold or slippy but it was extreme fun

I made it to the Palace of Versaille, eh yeah Powsercourt Gardens times a billion. Easily the most spectacular house I have ever seen. The scale of the place just made me continually laugh so I sat and made myself a delicious salami sambo. The amount of time and money that goes into creating a place like this must be epic. From here on my love of the French really started to grow, they are pretty much mad. Where they trying to out do the Pyramids of Giza? Everyone was cycling down around the lake and walking up to the palace, I of course have my bike and bags. So I cycled up getting some strange looks, like I always do. Took this shot and went over to get a close up look at the Chateau. The Gendarmarie then escorted me off the premises, not similing, not impressed with me crying with laughter that I had not seen it coming.

Not many people will have this kinda shot of the Versailles gardens haaa

My time so far has been split fairly evenly between camping in the woods and in peoples gardens/fields. It had led to some interesting conversions in the absolute most basic form of talking and sign language. Alot of the time we just give up trying to explin what we mean and just laugh. I like to laugh with complete strangers.
Dan let me camp in his garden.
He had no English so it was a funny night
watching Simpsons in French

So I fairly pumped it along into Paris to meet Geraldine. They were doing road works on the road I was on into Paris so I had two lanes completely sealed off from the traffic to myself. I put on the Kings of Leon new album and cruised about 10km on brand new road singing what I believe are the lyrics to their songs, clear blue sky and really warm haa it was the greatest day of my life.

This sex is on fire

We went out into Paris that night and met up with another guy Mathew who worked in the Porterhouse during the summer. He is a typical Frenchie, super good looking, dressed for the cat walk, scarf loosely around the neck. We had a great time going around the sights like the Notre Dame.

Mathew and Geraldine, eccentric Frenchies

The next day Geraldine was pretty busty so I just wandered in around town on my own, mastering the subway system and jumping from level to level like a Parisian. Drank loads of coffee, chilled out wathcing artists doing there thing. My first crepe in France was 80 cent so I felt safe giving the super hot girl a 2 euro coin for one in Paris, she just smiled and winked, I stood there thinking wow my beard must be getting sexy. I looked to the sign and it was 3.50 euro but she just smiled again as if to say its cool I dont give a shit, the money aint goin in my pocket so I walked off dissappointed she was not coming onto me but delighted with my cheap crepe. I love disgruntled hospo workers.

I am not sure why it was painted with a blur but it was my favourite of the Louvre

I did all the usual tourist things, Moany Lisa and Eiffel tower. I did not go up the tower as I like to live my life and not spend a quarter of it in a que. I had also seen all of Paris from the Monmartre.

See the sky is blue and life is sweet

The weather was fantastic and I walked around in a tshirt all day. It was one of the most amazing cities I have been in. I cant wait to go back one day and see if the super hot crepe girl will go on a date with me when I am clean shaven and have big strong legs, although they are at least 1mm bigger now.

Beautiful tree

I did try to get lost down the alley ways and find myself a nice quiet cafe to read in, all the cafes where busy but I loved them all. I think I drank a weeks worth of food in coffee but I dont regret it as coffee is one of the best parts of life outside the bedroom.

A work of art but not in the Louvre, in a Paris back street

So I am in Etampes today, heading straight south. I am still a bit nervous, my legs feel good, all the gear is working well but I just hope that I dont get injured or sick. I dont want this dream to end. I cant believe my life can be filled with so much excitement. I want to make it across North Africa and up to Poland for the wedding in October. I suppose I am happy that I actually made it this far but now I am greedy I want it all. So for now I take it easy on my legs, eat loads, laugh and I bop along to Xavier Rudd.

Streets like this look quaint but they are
a pain in my ass to bounce along on haaa

Thanks for all the emails and I love you all. I have changed, America will hopefully change, could this be the turning point in history for all of us?

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Hey Seamus,here is the Mazere'hills back !

Hope you have enough space on the road! It is, already, space, to read you times to times on the blog.

Amitiés et bonne route

Cécile, Didier