Friday, October 31, 2008


Well holey moley,

I arrived in St Malo on Monday, having spent the ferry crossing chatting with a granny who was going couch surfing for a week! My French adventure almost came to an abrupt end at the first roundabout, some idiot was driving on the wrong side of the road. Awww man I spent the whole of the first day trying to stay on the correct side of the road, such a mission to get my brain to snap out of it.

I camped in a nice family garden the first night and she brought me out a steaming hot bowl of cabbage, potatoe, carrot and sausage. I gladly gobbled it all up even though cabbage would be my least favourite food but it was delish. Next morning they invited me in for brekkie and coffee, I could not dream of a better start to a new country.

The next night was spent in a camper van, having been led to a supposedly Irish farm by a couple of mad farmers. The Irish farmers where not around and it was getting cold so I tried the next house, delighted. They let me sleep in their camper van and I spent the evening inside their extremely warm house eating a four course meal. Veronic and Jules are possibly the nicest people I have met on my trip so far. The next morning I woke up to find the countryside blanketed in snow. Oh how I laughed and then laughed more at the thought of spending the next few weeks in conditions like this. Its been about 1 degree - 6 degrees out for the last couple of days and below zero overnight.

So I am now in Mamers after spending lunch time at a fruit market with Jesus and his daughter chatting about their organic farming, he gave me an apple for my trip. Everywhere I go people are constantmy offering me help or advice is brilliant but fricken cold. Its now that I am glad I read so much about polar explorers because yeah its fricking freezing outside its nowhere near what Tom Crean would have endured.

I will post some pics next time as this keyboard is driving me mad with the French layout haaa. The conditions dont bother me one bit so far, its harder in the cold but its soo much fun working out the best way to do things. Roll on Paris


Rusty said...

Hey Seamus, just wanted to drop you a note to say I enjoy reading your stories and views on travelling. It sounds so hard but so easy to just to set off for unknown destinations like that.

Thought you might find this interesting on that one day you can't find a campervan to sleep in.


Tony said...

alright lad.
hope the weather improved this week for ya. keep the blogs coming if you can. loving them...i won best fancy dress costume down the beach. makes up for showing up late in Jindabyne. ha