Friday, October 24, 2008


Feelings are different for everyone, levels of excitement, sadness or boredom can be vastly different from one person to the next. A song, new or old can bring back a single perfect moment in life but mean nothing to someone else. A smell can do it, be it a flowers scent or cow shit! A shadow or a ray of light can spark a long forgotten memory. I love the complexity of life, the endless combinations, the diversity everywhere.

From my front door for the last few days

I just wonder have I topped out on excitement and curiosity?

Where does my happiness peak?

When I am happy, is the level higher or lower than my friends?

Is my anger worse?

I suppose the scale of these feelings is really only important to yourself. If I am only happy when traveling while others are happy to sit at home on the couch then so be it. The person sitting on the couch may actually be infinitely happier than me struggling around on my bike.

The main thing though is to be true to yourself. Don't lie to yourself just to stay in your comfort zone because maybe what you consider to be your highest level of happiness right now is really your lowest level?

Living on the edge like I do has its hazards

I only ask that people question what is going on around them. Question news stories, question new laws and policies of government. Most of all make sure you question yourself and double check your answers, just like you were thought in school before exam time runs out.

Catching up with Mono and cruising around Jersey sightseeing has been wonderful. Putting a list of great days in order of best to worst sounds like a hard task. Everyday I have had over the last few years seems to automatically jump to the top of my list day by day. My friend Anne, who is the best dive instructor in the world, used to slag me because I would come home from every single dive proclaiming it to be the greatest of all time. Maybe I am easily pleased haaa but I just feel like I am doing the right thing lately. Really learning something new every day, either about the planet or myself. I don't rate seeing one particular thing over another, my scale is not by size or rarity. It goes by feeling, the moment, the mood, not by tourism hype. What I am happy about is my appreciation and understanding of the natural world. So my time spent with Mono has easily been the greatest time of my life so far, for his ridiculous level of hospitality and his obsessive cleanliness!

The beauty of islands are the sea views

So tomorrow I jump on the ferry and start my slow crawl through France in search of the perfect French-fry. It will be hard to get to sleep tonight. This is the big one now, travel in a non English speaking country. Pumped up is an understatement. I know lots of people will speak English but I cant wait to try and explain that I want to pitch my tent in a farmers field, me with zero grasp of the language. Haaa are you kidding me, this is gonna be hilarious stuff. Real French stick, fingers crossed some (loads of) real French kissing. Finding the bread will be easy, getting a French kiss with this mush will be the hard part. I wanna try snails, frogs legs, the stuff I would never of tried last time I was in France.

I am hopefully going to meet a friend I worked with during the summer in the Porterhouse. Geraldine has kindly offered to show me around Paris! Fingers crossed I will get the grand tour of Paris by a local.

Unemployed and too much time to think

A quickie from Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologue fame, off her video clip on

"Happiness exists in action, it exists in telling the truth and saying what your truth is, and it exists in giving away what you want the most"


daraoh said...

one thing you'll never regret is taking the risk - you'll always regret not doing something more than doing something.....“The follies which a man regrets most in his life, are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.”

dayna said...

u are such an inspiration to me, sea.. miss u lots, love u loads! xoxox I will email you this weekend. :) take care!