Friday, February 13, 2009

Its over...

Where to start? I feel like I must justify why I am going home haaa. Honestly I feel like I have done enough for this trip. I know I said at the start I was looking forward to a year on the road but I dont feel at this stage I wanna keep riding. I had this sort of checklist inside my head of what I wanted out of this trip and I feel like I have given each one a huge tick.

Its been a while coming and I have spent the last week sleeplessly debating it non stop. Even talking the points out loud in the tent at night to make sure I was arguing both sides properly haaa. So I am happy that its the right thing to do. I am also glad it was a solo trip because with all my changes in plans I am sure I would of lost a friend haaa.

I am stopping, for now, because I have had enough of cycling. I have loved the hard work on the bike but what I most enjoyed has been the sense of being out in the elements in the wild. But its a sense I dont get too often, well maybe I should of cycled off somewhere more remote I hear ye say. Its the fact of being on a road, a permanent highway of people and machines. Thats what takes away from the wild aspect of the trip. The fact that no matter where I cycle there are always cars or people. Its a revalation of the trip, maybe I should of known that there would be cars and people on roads eh!

But I did not know how much I would enjoy the lonely times in the middle of nowhere, no machines, no lights or people. Camping out in silence under the stars. I have experienced it in most countries and more so in Morocco. I wanted to know what it felt like and how much I would like it. I absolutely loved it! My head is actually close to bursting with memories. The blog has captured only a few seconds of a few days so you can imagine how full my head is.

What made me smile so often was seeing my shadow being cast on snow, sand and water. The romantic notion of lonely adventurous travel. Well I got a little taster of adventure at times and now I realise I want a bigger drink.

What I enjoyed most has been my reaction to certain events and landscapes. One of the most positive was my change of direction in Morocco. It was litterally the answer I was looking for out of this trip. Having planned out an amazing route through the mountains and back up towards Marakech, Casablanca and back to Tangier, I came upon the most inspiring view of my life. Just the biggest mind shattering landscape unlike anything I have ever seen. One that gives you goose bumps that dont just tingle but actually rattle your body. To have a voice inside actually speak to you and tell you "we want to go there". Then another voice says "wow that would be a real adventure eh". Lots of voices eh, it was almost a fecking discussion going on haaa. To take that turn was to find out what I want in life. I want go home because I now know I can go anywhere in the world and for now thats back to the madhouse!

So what next I hear you all shout. I will probably keep the blog going if I feel I am getting up to enough silly things. I always intended this trip to be a bit of a training boot camp for future trips. So I intend to keep training when I get home as I feel a more physical trip into nature is next up. I have also read over my blog posts and I think I really should work on my spelling! Then I will probably publish a book about the epic and perilous journey to Africa, sign a movie deal, do the talk show circuit and collect a National Geographic award. Then I will probably try find another bullshit job in a recession stricken country and head for wilder pastures. I will definetly not list what I have planned as that will no doubt change a hundred times before I even get home on Friday.

Thanks for everything guys!



daraoh said...

Is it any wonder your last blog of this trip came on Friday, February 13!

Ha ha, well I really enjoyed your trip from the comfort of my computer screen at work!

If you got enough out of the trip, well then it’s only right to come home – no point trodding on just because you proclaimed at the start that you would.

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I was going through my RSS feeds after not reading them for a while and then read your last post. I would just like to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your posts amidst my marketing and technology feeds.

The insights that you described during your trip have been inspiring and I have told many people about them. I think you should sit down some day, and write them down again after checking your spelling. haha


Anonymous said...

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