Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Centre of France

Good day,

Hope everyone is feeling great today, all is dry in the land of the French. This week I made a dramatic discovery, one that will puzzle science for a century. Its a new element which I have dubbed, Heffo1. It turns out that it is stronger than Titanium and lighter than Helium. Yes I have ben powering my way over the rolling French country side and feeling strong. Its been a magic week.

Not many evenings like this left in France

I see so much road kill it gets me down a little sometimes, especially when its something I have not sen alive yet, like an owl or a wild boar or this dude!

I did not kill him but I did cry a single wet tear for him

I did not write this but I agree with them

I used to watch a ton of TV, its something I have reduced over the last while. Now in my tent I am glad I have only the view to look at. So I spend a huge chunk of my day watching the animals, especially the birds of prey. I see about 20 or 30 per day and have yet to see one get a confirmed kill but its brilliant to watch the smaller ones hover over a field and then make a dive for a mouse. This is my favourite show.

I stood alone and naked in a field and howled at this moon

My life must give me the mentality of a long distance trucker. So much time to think about things and twist things in my imagination. Luckily I have a pretty clear mind so there is not alot of room to create strange emotions. The difference between me and the truckers is that I have no bitter feelings of being under paid and over worked haa. So my thoughts are at a strange level of supreme happiness. Especially when I am whipping down a quiet country lane surrounded by golden brown trees.

Sometimes my life is hard and I have to fix things but I love tinkering

I try my hardest to steer clear of all the big cities, they are a mess to get in and out of and way too busy. If I get a good run I might only see 10 cars all day cycling. The other day I was in a beautiful medieval town for lunch. It was about as romantic as it gets, minus the hot girl of course. I was cooking up a lunch of pasta when I realised I had no sauce for it, shit, ok leave it cooking and go to the shop around the corner. Easy yeah... no, not when you are me and the streets are tiny and all look the same and you cant find your way back to your simmering pasta! Awww panic set in and all of a sudden I feel like I am in the Crystal Maze and everyone is looking down into the room shouting for me to run to the door but I am flustered now like the stupid contestants and I cant find the laneway! So I sit down on a doorway step and count to 10 and then figure it out haaa, the pasta was grand and I ate it without sauce and it was divine.

On nights like this I sit up for hours and just watch the sky

I love how destiny and faith can bring you to the mosy beautiful place in the world to camp, if a farmer say no I cant camp in their field I just move on. Its getting late and its looking likely I am gonna have to hide it out over night somewhere crap. Its then you cycle around one more corner and come across paradise. It happens so often that I dont wet myself laughing at how lucky I have been again. I just make camp and start up the old stove and make some dinner and coffee or like the last few nights I have made myself some hot chocolate with Nutella. The simple pleasure of cooking over a stove in the wild has provided me with the most delicious meals of all time.

Sit long enough and stare at the water and you finally notice its a slow flowing river

Even when it rains I am happy because then I let the rain do my dishes

Take it easy guys and remember to chill

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